RP Character - Emile Toussaint Picture

Emile the catboy, well kinda cat. Figured I do something with pen and paper since I'm so frustrated with my tablet. Crappy webcam picture I know, gotta dig up my scanner. Emile, like most of my OC's is totally capable of pregnancy btw.

Name - Emile Jacques Toussaint

Age - 16

Birth Date - October 28

Blood Type - A+

Hair Color - Shiny black when clean, tends to be dull and stringy in everyday life

Eye Color - Green/Yellow

Height - 5 ft

Weight - Generally around 100 lbs

Race - French/Black Domestic Cat

Sexual Orientation - Bi

Likes - Milk, fish (particularly a good sashimi), wet cat food, mint (has a cat nip liked effect, cat nip works too), naps, domestic cats (he has two, Artemis and Apollo), general world mythology, sweatshirts, the rare instances he doesn't have to be alone all the time, hunting small animals, his claws, sunshine, being able to see in the dark

Dislikes - More water than it takes for a shower, dogs (terrified of them), when his heart bothers him (has a congenital defect), "heat cycles", panic attacks, school, waking up before he wants too, anything overly sweet, trying to blend in as not completely human, the general awkwardness that is his life
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