CoD Dracula Picture

wooo first pic for the new year!

Between art blocks and stuff going on at home, I haven't been able to draw much at all lately, so this felt pretty good. And I owe it to my uncanny ability to obsess over something for this motivation! All it took was my roomie to play Castlevania songs on youtube for me to bust out CoD and then get all into it again. Besides all the characters and blood, one thing i really love about the series is the mesh of Christian and pagan mythology. Obviously God and the Devil exist in the C universe, and their influences can be exploited. Dracula, for example, probably gains his power from the Devil, with Death helping. But apparently God has some reasons for not stopping this. Maybe he can't protect the world against Dracula, but he can assist the Belmonts in doing so. Like when Trevor casts holy spells. I love that.

I'm not sure why, but myths and folklore and religious myths and figures have always fascinated me. And magic and the occult, etc. I dont' believe any of it, but it's really fun to explore fictional worlds where that kinda stuff is real.

Anyway, CoD's Dracula is the hottest, I think, and godamn I really love the twisted relationships with him and Hector and Isaac. I'm gonna have so much fun with this.

Almost done defeating him on crazy mode! I've been killed several times and I have no idea how I"ll pull it off as Trevor. I spent hours just leveling. I have never put so much time into a video game.

screenshot references used

Prismacolor markers

Dracula belongs to Konami
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