More Than You Know... Picture

One of my most complex pieces yet! I had no set plan on how this went, so it ended up being a bit of a surreal/fantasy piece which is not that bad. The only clear mythological creature I was thinking about while drawing the animals was the cockatrice; specifically the Korean cockatrice, which is only mentioned as the chariot-pulling beasts for legendary figures or parents of legendary heroes (i.e. the founding princess of the Kingdom of Silla was born from a cockatrice egg). For the antler beast in the background, I had no idea what color he would be that wouldn't interfere with showing off the background colors. Eventually I settled on lightly airbrushing black and dark gray.

I really like the woman on the right for her pose and figure. I had fun incorporating the background into parts of their wardrobe, and I had fun designing the clothes too.

The background was created separately from the rest, and is offered as premium content for all of you.
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