Have I Changed At All? Picture

Decided to test my pixelling and palette creating skills now compared to them back in 2012.
I tried to make it the full base but it didn't work out so well so I cut it out.

This is also considered a revamp of the character, named Marnie who was a modern-day Selkie, mythological creatures found in Scottish, Irish, and Faroese folklore which are said to live as seals in the sea but shed their skin to become human on land.
Expect more on her later.

At this point, I was pixelling in a way I thought was good at that point. But looking back I realized how bad it was.
The shading itself was bad and at the time, I was still outlining the eyes black, before this all the face was outlined in black.
The colors weren't anything pretty and I wasn't putting any real effort into my work.
That must be why I only pixelled Marnie once.

Done today (March 10th), after staring at the original for so long and thinking about Marnie's original backstory, I figured that it'd be fitting to give her new life and a new appearance.
But it turned into a big comparison on my two-year style change.
I toned down her original skin and eye colors, making her skin a bit more of a light tan and her eyes a nice mossy-green color.

But my question to you guys,
Have I improved at all?
Has anything changed?
Is anything the same?
What do I need to work on?

Base by SapphirePixels
Marnie © MapleBeer-Shipper
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