Naruto fantasy Picture

yeah the bg sucks cause i was lazy ^^' but any way the whole idea of this came form a drawing book i got 4 christmas on fantasy creatures.

i decided to make this a contest! whoever can guess the most 'who's what' (what character is what fantasy creature) will get a request! (colored ect.) but some arent so much fantasy^^" i started running out of ideas..

and just for the hell of it, here what the charaters are thinking (L to R)

deidara: IM GONNA KILL YOU, UN!!
choji:mmmm barbeque...
hidan: hehe whos next?
kiba: wth?
akamaru: sleepy time!
hinata: um well, i think i look nice >///<
zetsu: this sucks....
kankuro: damn you...
sakura: wheeeee! i can fly!
tsunade:i'll kill ya for this you MOTHER EFFER!!
kabuto: should i heal you... or kill you?
temari: (looking at kisame) WTF's up with him?
naruto: i wish i had some ramen...X3
orochimaru: kuukuukuuu...
tobi: Tobi is hiding with itachi-san!
kimimaro: please kill me now...-,-
itachi: go away tobi...
sasuke: this is soooo stupid....
Jairiya: how am i supposed to pick up hot girls now?
kisame: wheeee!
guy: the power of youth!
ten-ten: XP
kakashi: woaaah!
shikamaru: this is soo trublesome...
neji: i...see...your...DOOM!
ino:maybe sasuke will like me now that i'm cuter! (^^'
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