Typhonus Picture

Name: Typhonus (Pronounced Ty-phon-nus)

Species: Mutated Giganotosaurus

Color: Dark red skin, yellow spikes, yellow claws, and orange eyes.

Gender: Male

Height: 56 meters

Length: 124 meters

Weight: 27,000 tons

Class: Millennium

Powers and Abilities:

Magma Breath
Typhonus shoots out a bright yellowish orange ray of molten lava from his mouth, it is capable of melting rock, metal and buildings, causing massive damage.

Fire Balls
Typhonus can also shoot fire balls from his mouth, but not as strong as his Magma Breath, they can still cause damage.

Strong Jaws
Typhonus's jaws are very powerful, he's able to bite down tough metal like a can opener.

Super Strength
Typhonus is strong enough to lift Heisei class Gigatheriums which they weigh 50,000 tons, but couldn't lift larger and heavier kaiju.

Burrowing & Swimming in Lava
Typhonus is able burrow underground and swim in lava.

Typhonus has regeneration cells that can heal in seconds, meaning no conventional weaponry can kill him and he can even swim in lava without getting burnt.

Weakness: Typhonus can swim well in lava, but not in water, his breath powers also can't work underwater.

Bio: Discovered in the mountains of Patagonia he was one of the few surviving Giganotosaurus one atomic bomb was tested on one of the mountains killing the Giganotosaurus. One survived but mutated into a large beast called Typhonus, the first city he attacked was Buenos Aires the devastation was disastrous, millions of lives lost, after that few more cities are destroyed by Typhonus's wrath. It was until Typhonus saw another Gigatherium walking in front of him at São Paulo, it's Iguanoton not taking chances Typhonus fought Iguanoton in order to defend his territory, after the battle Typhonus won, spared Iguanoton's life letting him know it's his land, Typhonus walks back to his home victorious.

Creative Notes: The main kaiju of my Gigantic series, I've been thinking that it's going to be the main kaiju instead of Iguanoton, Typhonus is inspired by Godzilla and Theropod Dinosaur kaiju I figured I would make my own dino kaiju. I didn't go with the T.Rex since it's always chosen, I chose Giganotosaurus because it wasn't used much and fresh for giant monster standards. His burrowing ability is inspired by Baragon and Megalon. He's named after Typhon the father of all monsters from Greek mythology.
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