New Akatsuki Picture

So these guys are Akatsuki from my nextgen Naruto universe. I'll describe properly Deidara-Jr and tell quick about others.
The leader is Kisame. And his only goals are in the reality money and power. But he feeds his adopted daughter Chiyo with stories about revenge for her dead parents Nagato and Konan or peace in the whole world.
So. From left to right:
Makoto (Sincere) (26). His ability is animal furious power. And he can shoot with chakra from his left eye-socket. His partner is Takeo.
Takeo (Similar to bamboo) (31). He's extremely flexible. That's why his body is so strange. One arm is longer than other and one leg is longer than other and et cetera. He's a bit distorted.
Shinji (Death) (24). He's a puppeteer and also has a mysterious origin but about it later. His partner is Roka.
Roka (a white wave crest) (21). He has a special ability - control of hot water. It's a fusion of two elements Water and Fire.
Kisame (Demonic Shark) (57). Leader. Stepfather and partner of Chiyo. We all know his techniques.
Chiyo (Eternity) (21). [link]
Deidara Jr. (something mythological) (22).
Rang: Nukenin.
Parents: Tsukuri no Deidara (+) and Akisami Kyu (41) [link]
Brothers and sisters: -
Chakra: techniques of his father.
His father died when Kyu was three months pregnant. She was completely dependent of Deidara and madly loved him. She wasn't a kunoichi and could do next to hothing. That's why the childhood of Deidara was not so happy. Kyu with all her abnormal love for his late father raised her son as a copy of him. She achieved her goal too good - Deidara abandoned her and his village just like his father did. He didn't want to take revenge and kill Sasuke like she insisted. He's completely like Deidara. What can I say else? His partner and best friend is Origami. And he's in love with Chiyo.
Sign: Libra
Best friend: Origami
Enemy: -
Love interest: Chiyo.
Phrase: “Art is a boom, yeah” (Hey does it remind you somebody?)
Origami (Paper figure) (17). [link]
Hidan (Smth about "steps on the sky") (42). Let's not talk about the methods of his recovery implemented by Rinji. I'll tell this story later but his scars have smth to do with it of course. His partner is Rinji.
Rinji (Peaceful forest) (37). He's a medic nin and is very terrifying. I'm afraid of him.

Naruto (c) Kishimoto
New Akatsuki (c) me
Art (c) 2010
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