A Statue of Nike Athena Picture


Be prepared... I AM GOING TO BORE YOU! ^~^ :

Well if you remember this: [link] after nearly spending nearly 4 months transforming her into what you see here.

This is a drawing of a stone statue of "Nike Athena" in gold leaf and bronze. Seeing that this is my design, I'm pretty sure there isn't statue that looks like this in real life, at least not yet anyway. Nike is the goddess of victory, so her name is victorious meaning, well of course "victory," in other words "Nike Athena" depending upon how you translate it, means "Athena Victorious" or "Victorious Athena." The olive green, which she is wearing on her head is a status symbol of victory, I kind of made it into gold-leafed tiara. And those little "check mark" symbols that you see on every pair of "Nike (c)" shoes is actually the symbol of victory (I take it that its probably a symbol of victory because it looks like a letter "V" or its just something to use to "check off" your "conquest list of victory") and it is shared by both Athena and Nike.

Anyway, I have been literally dragging the completion of this drawing out way too long. I started it on February 23rd, 2011 and finished it on June 14th, 2011 at 7:15pm, "it should have" been finished on the 25th of February, but hey I got my excuses- *eh-hem!*, I mean reasons. The "classic reasons" why I never finished this drawing are because, of college and more crap, chores, younger my sister's high school graduation, and the death of an acquaintance; the "other more fitting excuses" why I never finished this are that I struggled drawing the rest of the body, I goofed around on the internet way too long, and I kept putting other projects before this one. Basically the reason why I finished this because I spent the past several sleepless nights being a "self-induced insomniac" trying to finish this.

Things I struggled with the most are the hand and arm holding the spear (still not happy with it), the helmet clutched at such an angle inside her right arm and hand, and her legs and feet (still not happy with those either). Although there were slight changes to it and her over the years; as I said the basic outfit, character, and weapons design were designed by me. When I drew her I was stumped to what I should do with her intionally as in whether I should make her appear as she would "in the flesh" or as a statue like form. I think I made a good decision there. The next challenge was to find a fitting background, either an ancient Greek city courthouse back in the day or a small modern day town park. Obviously I went with the park scene. I later figured out what exactly to put in the background thanks to:
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