Mighty Lightning: Peckatrice Picture

You can't have a superhero without any supervillains. To fit with the mythology theme, even the villains themselves will have their own figures they're based on. Up first, we have a good for nothing criminal based on the cockatrice, a rooster/dragon hybrid.

One day, a former television star, whose name I have not come up with just yet, became sick and tired of his job. He used to play a rooster named Henpecked on the children's educational show "Henpecked's Farm" before he snapped and turned to a life of crime. Hey, can you blame him? If you had to wear a chicken suit and perform on television and be laughed at by kids, you'd probably snap too. He left the show and took his chicken costume with him. However, his costume was starting to fall apart due to wear and tear and so he stole the show's costumes and dismantled them to repair his. The result was a chicken-dragon whose no longer kid-friendly. He also seems to speak in a high-pitched, screechy voice akin to Gilbert Gottfried. This chicken has crossed the road to get the dark side taking up the new alias, Peckatrice.

More details to come.

(c) me
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