Winter through ages + short biography Picture

Winter through ages

Winter is one of my oldest active characters, whom I’ve been developing for about 6 years now. He was trying to find his place in numerous stories of mine but the one I’m currently writing is what I consider the best canon for him and this is what his story will end up as.

Winter is an all-around good natured soldier with enough bravado to be annoying but enough wit to be endearing.
He’s a man who doesn’t hide his pride in his achievements, but also doesn’t hide his childish joy and cockiness, when people would expect him to be more serious of a guy.

He’s a loyal and powerful man, known as Winter Bird - terror of the Dragan soldiers, but to his friends he’s just Winter, who will sit on the floor and play with your young children, like an uncle, or maybe a father he always wanted to be, but couldn’t, as warlocks are unable to have kids.

Mihael Petrov was born in the mountains and bears traits that are very typical for his people; short and stocky figure, pale skin and black hair.
He was born to two mages, and was one of the few children of this sort that miraculously survived birth.
The village he lived in didn’t take too kindly to warlocks - children of two mages - and that’s why his parents hid him in the house, for his safety and their reputation, forbidding him to ever go outside or to use magic (which they blocked him from using it by making him wear a necklace made out of gems called ‘fairy teeth’).

He was never on good terms with his parents, especially his father, as Mihael would often try to sneak out of the house, only to get captured and beaten by his dad for the attempt.

When he was 6 years old he was discovered by one of Gryphia’s warlock scouts, who offered to his parents, to take him off their hands and enlist him into Gryphia’s military program for raising young warlocks and training them into soldiers.
As warlocks are often feared by common folk, most parents are happy to give their child into a proper, better and safer care of other warlocks from the Gryphian military elite, some even contacting the scouts to come get the child before something bad might happen.

Mihael’s parents didn’t take a long time to think about their decision; his father, because he was never fond of Mihael (who was not a planned child), and his mother, because she couldn’t take care of him, but wanted him to have a better life than he did so far.

The boy was taken to the great Gryphia by horse, seeing the outside world for the first time and almost instantly becoming a whole new person. If asked about it, adult Winter would say that he was much like a bird who was able to fly for the first time, after being caged for an eternity (which is where his chosen name - Winter Bird - derived from).

In warlock training Mihael showed natural talent for ice magic and was very quickly recognized as one of the top students in his class, closely matched only by his friendly rival Bonfire.

It was his rivalry and constant challenges with Bonfire that made Mihael work harder and be better, because for a young boy of his nature, winning these battles was everything.
One could say that if Bonfire and him never became friends, he wouldn’t become the Winter Dragon that went down in the history and mythology of Gryphian kingdom.

Mihael was never a studious person, but very street-smart. His use of magic is impeccable due to his physical strength and imagination, but he had little idea of how magic actually works, not just because the magic research wasn’t very far at the time, but because he was never interested in learning it either way (and doing really bad on theoretical magic exams).
Because he would always push himself to do better and more than Bonfire, had the same goals, he would unknowingly already as a child notably raise his magical power. It became more and more obvious as he grew and as he used more magic, because he would get magic constantly (and harmlessly) radiating from his hands. It them cold to touch, which is why he took up a habit to constantly wear gloves, only taking them off when using magic or doing casual things.

When the young recruits were fit for fight the first time, Mihael’s (who was now already named Winter Bird) life took another sharp turn, as Bonfire fell in battle. After his death, Winter never really made another friend who he was so close with in such a way, but soon after he met Kajetan (still just a soldier at the time), however their relationship was less of a friendly rivalry (because no one wants to be rivals with a battle orc), and more of a brotherhood.

Although there was a warlock casualty in that battle, which is always considered a massive loss due to the low number of warlocks, Winter’s efforts in combat were still noted as he was quickly recognized as a highly capable fighter.

At a relatively young age he became second in command and in some time surpassed his superior, taking charge of the warlock elite himself.
As a general he was involved in various political conferences, and therefore often had close contact with all the most important people of Gryphia, including the then-unmarried queen Marlena, whom he had a short romantic affair with.

Winter was always completely devoted to Gryphia as a kingdom, but would deny being religious and believing in Gryphia as a goddess, even though he would often use religious speech (‘by the tall queen’ / ‘i swear to the tall queen’ / etc), which is very uncommon for those, who don’t follow the religion, even if they were born and raised in Gryphia. He sees Gryphia - the kingdom - as his saviour from his imprisonment as a child, and swore to protect it all on his own if he had to - which he did.

When Gryphia’s enemy kingdom Dragan (the leading country of magic research) discovered a breakthrough in magic overdose study, they suddenly had a weapon to, for a short time, disable the warlocks - Gryophia’s greatest weapon - from casting magic, by causing a magic overdose in them and essentially make them break down in pain.

This was the first battle won by Dragan ever since centuries ago, when the real historical queen Gryphia united the scattered nations into one kingdom and stood up against their then-oppressor.

The first fall of Gryphia was tragic and destructive, with many of the warlocks being killed and the rest being taken captive and locked away - general Winter among them. A massive part of Gryphian non-magical military was slaughtered, along with their strongest orc warrior Kajetan, due to Dragan’s innovative weapons - firearms.

This was the third massive turn in Winter’s life, when all he believed in was crushed, destroyed, and he was once again in a cage. He was roughly 50 years old at the time and spent several months in a small underground cell, slowly, painfully and dangerously doing on his own what the Dragans did by force - increasing the power of his magic.

The magic in warlocks is a unique sort of magic, as it’s not truly alive on it’s own like in other magic users, but instead merged with the user. It can’t live or work on it’s own, and can’t help the caster to boost itself, so he has to do it all on his own - making the process agonizing, as well as shortening the warlock’s life drastically (a warlock life is ‘two human lives’ long, as they can live both the years they have, and the years their magic has, which is also a trait unique to the warlocks).

Even though knowing the risks, Winter lasted through the pain until he felt he was powerful enough to break out all on his own, but the person that came from that cell wasn’t the general that his soldiers remembered.

Believing he lost everything, Winter lived up closer to his name and became much more cold and distant.
He killed every Dragan officer in the building with ease, as his break out was certainly unexpected, and then proceeded to release the warlocks that survived - many of which he would play with when they were little, and who used to look up to him, only to now be terrified of seeing what he became at his worst.

He saved his warriors and the young daughter of queen Marlena, and lead them all to an ally orc village, where they started to prepare for a counter attack, a battle to take back Gryphia.

He would then gather his warlocks and order them to do as he did, and raise their power, no matter the pain they’ll be in. They obeyed, but not without complaints, which they quickly learned to withhold, after a few close calls with Winter’s rage.

With his warlocks - now stronger than ever, with the help of numerous orc villages and the rest of the free people of Gryphia who were willing to fight, under his lead, they managed to take back their kingdom and start again.

To preserve what was left of his already very shortened life, Winter retired from the new Gryphian military, and rather directed his time and attention to raising the young princess, with the help of Kajetan’s niece, to make her a fitting and strong queen.

Due to his magic being overly powerful, he would come to a state where it would at all times break through his hands in greater amount than before, so he got used to wearing gloves with a single fairy tooth gem embedded in each, to hold back what was left of his life source. His face, arms and chest were, however, permanently ‘scarred’ by ice magic.

When Klaudia, the new queen, grew old enough to take the throne, Winter remained at her side as an advisor, tutor, and as what he always wanted to be - a father.

After he passed away at 67 years of age (about a half of a warlock’s usual lifetime), Klaudia would announce him as a patron saint of the kingdom, adding him as a permanent religious figure alongside queen Gryphia.

After death he also gained an official title of Winter Dragon, due to his unbreakable will and the fact that he survived several battle stunts that many believed no one else could, (such as breaking out of Dragan prison and wiping it clean of all guards all on his own) and therefore described Winter as being unwilling to die - a trait dragons are famous for.

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