Toralei Head Shot Picture

....Ever have a character in a fandom that you have this extreme love-hate relationship with?

Like, you want to like them, but you totally just can't? Or, you don't really know if you like them but you like certain things about them?

As you probably know by now, I'm part of the Monster High fandom. I fantard it. I love the dolls, I love the shows, and I love the movies, no matter how childish some might think they are. I think they are uplifting and fun, and the characters are actually pretty complex when you really think about it. I mean they base their creations on a lot of things that the average kid probably wouldn't get, but a lot of adult fans pick up on like myself. (Most kids probably don't realize that, for example, Viperine Gorgons is the daughter of Stheno, who is one of Medusa's sisters. So you kinda get a fun mythology lesson!) A lot of things they add into thier movies are tributes to a lot of horror and monster flicks too.
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