Devour The Sun Picture

Ink on Bristol, 9" x 12"

Not sure if I'm totally finished with this yet, but the black Ink bit is done. Debating on possibly adding color, or maybe some gray to make the wolf stand out more.
(Opinions welcome.)

In Norse mythology, the chariot of the Sun (Sol) is chased by a fierce wolf (Skoll*) to keep it on time. Hence the inspiration for this drawing.

The "S" rune, Sowilo, is the rune for "Sun" so I've repeated it several times on its own.

And yes, the rune text actually does spell something. (It's the title, before anyone asks.) Not exactly correct considering there's no "v" in these runes, but good enough for my artish purposes.

I plan to do a companion piece featuring the Moon-chasing brother-wolf, so keep your eyes open for that in the near future.
EDIT: Finished the Moon-chaser,…

* Most sources say Skoll chases the Sun, and his brother Hati chases the Moon. However, I've come across a couple of mentions that indicate that perhaps the wolves' are reversed. I'm not an expert in Norse myth, so I'll go with the "official" popular ruling. But I figured I'd mention this tidbit just-because.
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