All The Protagonists - WIP Picture

I've been wanting to do this forever... just line up all my protagonists. I started on it last night, but it got late. I have something else to work on today, so I'm going to just upload the WIP for the minute.

I will draw them all and add proper descriptions as I go! I'm anxious to get on with the other thing I'm doing...

2003 - Rina/Tyrian - My first ever book, which VDBiFairyland (the working title of Tyrian's book) is the fourth rewrite of, is where Tyrian and Rina originally come from. It took me forever to realise why no matter how I reworked the world it just wouldn't work. The reason was Rina. She doesn't want any of this magic and adventure nonsense, and she isn't particularly likeable. The book was split between her point of view and Tyrian's. Rereading the 2nd rewrite I seriously wanted to punch him, he was pulling all of that 'I'm so dangerous but not to you, probably' crap. His third incarnation (show here, minus the sunglasses) was very nearly the Tyrian we know today, however.

2005 - Molly - (this Molly is actually the predecessor to both Lucinda and the Molly I just introduced)

2006 - Swanhild - This book was me attempting to do something with mermaids that wasn't girly. So there was a war. There's always a war. What is it with me and wars?!

2007 - Lucinda - I actually started writing Miss Prince by hand in February 2007, but then I LOST THE MANUSCRIPT like an IDIOT. Good job I found it, right?
I honestly cannot be bothered to write about her right now, I presume you have been paying attention, if not you can read the first 2 chapters of her book here:

2007 - Seralina - I'm sure you can find her somewhere in my gallery anyway XD I wanted to write something based in mythology that dealt with how a totally ordinary person would cope with being a goddess, and how all that sort of thing would work. My original idea was that all the other sorts of god/goddess were taken, so she got stuck with 'puddings', but it didn't work out that way. My research quickly showed me that there are many gods who do the same jobs as one another even in the same pantheon, so it didn't make sense that way. Again, check my publisher's website for the first few chapters!

2008? - Bridge - A young man sets out a journey to find the woman who keeps calling to him in his dreams to be set free.

2011 - Maria - This book was actually a rewrite of Swanhild's book, but Swan and Bridge are similar in their backgrounds and so I thought I needed a new protagonist. I stopped writing this book for two reasons. 1 - the reviews of EBSD started to come in, and I realised all the mistakes I was making. 2: Maria was as dull as dishwater :T Seriously if even I was bored with her, what would my readers think? Oh and 3: It wasn't very funny. What even with the attempt at seriousness.

2012 - Tyrian - I finally figured out that the way to fix my first book was to ditch Rina as protagonist and replace her with Lucinda. It worked! Let this be a lesson to my protagonists. You misbehave guys, and I will bust you down to minor antagonist so fast your head will spin!
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