Chaser and Tom-Lung Picture

In order for there to be balance, there must be an imbalance to be corrected. Therefore, for the rules by which our universe is governed to remain sound, there must be one with the power to break that law.

Heavily inspired by the Yes song, "Sound Chaser", from Relayer. Chaser, and his friend Tom-Lung, are the mystical figures that help keep the universe in balance, by being the only creations with the power to break the laws of physics. That's right, create matter, travel faster than the speed of light, etc. Time, space, and matter are no obstacles to these two. But to ensure that they never use their powers for permanent evil, his creators employed it into the mind of a child, and his pet. So, 16.5 billion years ago, these two came into existence. And in playful disposition, have used their incredible abilities to ensure the stability of our universe. If you wish to listen to this awe-inspiring epoch for yourself, here's the link.…

Chaser & Tom-Lung are (C) to ME! Vcubestudios 2014
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