Bifrost- a sky high pic Picture

I recently watched the movie Sky High. It’s a typical Disney movie, nothing ground braking but cute. Basically it’s about a boy with two superhero parents staring a high school for future superheroes.
So I got it into my head to draw the characters sometime in the future when they become a team, I made up some names and costumes. Unfortunately my imagination exceeds my talent. Oh well, maybe if I bug my sister she’ll draw some better versions.

Anyway the characters are from left to right:
Pyre - Warren Peace = fire powers
Viscous - Ethan (no last name in the movie) = melts into a puddle
Searchlight - Zach (no last name in the movie) = glows
RoseThorn - Layla Williams = controls plants
Fortress - Will Stronghold = super strength and flight
Velvet Mist - Magenta (no last name in the movie) = turns into a guinea-pig

I gave Magenta an ambiguous name and mysterious costume because I figured she wasn’t about to admit the she can only turn into a guinea pig so she’s kind of going the Batman route.
Zach got such a weird costume because he has no shame also the things on his arms can zap people (they run on solar batteries).
Will was pretty much bullied into his costume by his parents.
You can’t tell but Ethan’s jacket is supposed to be full of tech stuff because he’s the team geek; also his name I picked because I liked the sound of the word.
I had no idea what to call Layla, I can’t really think of anything better.
Warrens mask is based on a fireman’s, I figured he may be able to control fire but smoke still probably gets to him.
I started off this drawing trying to give everyone a different mask and it grew from there.

The name of the team comes from Norse mythology. People who watched the film may or may not have noticed the colour scheme:
Warren= red
Ethan= orange
Zack= yellow
Layla= green
Will= blue
Magenta= purple.
Not as bad as the power rangers but still there. Since something like ‘the Rainbow squad’ sounds more like they’re campaign for gay rights then fighting crime I picked the name of the bridge that connected the earth and the realm of the gods in old Norse legends; the rainbow Bifrost. (I figure Ethan thought it up in a panic the first time they talked to reporters and the name stuck).
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