Embrace Picture

This is a drawing of two characters that I have designed, though only one was created by me. The tall dark and handsome, but solomn figure on the left is my character, based after me. He's not too far off from my general look, just cooler and better built to fit the warrior character he is. This character is a being that represents Yin and Yang. His powers consist of Light and Dark.
The beautiful yet petite Dragon Girl on the right is a personal role playing character developed by a very close and personal friend of mine, who is used through the acting out of her own stories, in her created world with her own mythologies.
Both these characters are very dear to us, and represent us on a very deep level of our inner persons (mind, soul, etc). If you have not figured it out yet, me and this close friend, are fairly romantically linked, and this picture of our characters from two different worlds, embracing each other, has a very powerful meaning to us. I am proud to share it with all my loyal viewers.

The Fellow on the left is Alexander Rose; Assassin and reborn energy of the cosmos.

The Dragon Girl on the right is Kariana; Assassin, artist, and - to be added by her creator -

Both character have been scorned by their past loves, and in this image, have found each other.
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