Harlekin Picture

The Theme of the following five picture was: the good, the bad and the ugly.

I choose amusing tragic figures (Clowns). After recherches I developed five Characters over several epochs outgoing.

This is the Harlequin. His Origin is not clearly. The oldest known version is seen in celtic mythology where he was a member of the wild hunt. Later he turn to a demon (italien Arlecchino what means small devil). The Figure of the Harlekin was already vanished till Dante Alighieri wrote his book hell (inferno) where the harlequin get a place and found a comeback as a bad connotationed foolish figure. He represented the human vice and was a annoyance for many religous authority.
His attributes are: the black mask (in the early times with horns, or he got a had with horns), narrow-lying close garb with multicolored lozenge samples and a staff (not in picture) which can represent a scepter, a sword or any other mighty symbol.

Later he get member of the Commedia dell'arte
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