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So since I'm drawing Hunter so much I figure I should probably share his bio eh? I'm probably going to update this with a better picture later <_<

Name: Hunter Graves

Age and Gender: 17 / male

Blood / Text Color: red / 00c4ff

Strife Specibus: Bowkind

Fetch Modus: Target Modus

God Teir: Knight of Hope

Personality, likes+dislikes, hobbies, etc.: Hunter is a very serious person, but he does have a small soft spot for kids, so if you’re a little bit childish it probably won’t bother him. He has a tendency to become depressed, or start rambling depending on the subject at hand. He’s very difficult to intimidate as there’s not very many things he fears, and what he does isn’t very common or obvious.
Interests include - and are not limited to - archery, photography, mythology, nature, Pokemon, Ke$ha and alien races.

Guardian: Cera/Sis. There’s not really too much to say on Cera, she’s hunter’s biological older sister. She teases hunter a lot, she’s very blunt, and doesn’t seem to have a censor. All in all most people think she’s a bitch, but she doesn’t really care.

Home: Earth, somewhere in North America. He lives in a slightly cramped two-bedroom apartment with his sister. His room is his favorite place, and even though it seems to barely fit his bed and desk he loves it. He finds it cozy and private, and if by some miracle he has a guest there’s a fire escape outside his window.

Short Backstory: Basically Hunter grew up a perfectly normal lifestyle; he was close to his parents, and a very healthy, happy kid. When he was fourteen his parents went on a cruise for their wedding anniversary and drowned at sea. When he and his sister found out it affected Hunter very profoundly and his personality changed severely. He developed a shell of cynicism and sarcasm and cut off his social life. He has never let anyone get close to him, and has very little desire for anyone to try… or so he says.

Extra Info:

- He’s genophobic

- He’s really bad at reading body language

- He’s actually extremely kind, and offers to help others without a second thought. Depending on the circumstance and who you are of course

- He secretly does crave someone to be in his life, but has trouble reaching out or letting people in

- If he’s in trouble he will not simply ‘give up,’ he’ll exhaust himself fighting until the moment he's down. If someone else was at risk he would do the opposite.

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Hunter Graves + Art © *Toxic-Scribbles

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