Kyoto Kluster: Kounjii Picture

If you can't read the bubbles *my fault*
Kounji: Ni hao!(Hello!) Wo jiao Kounji! (My name is Kounji)
Kounji: I'm a mad scientist! Bwahaha...
Klaus: Master
Kounji: How did you find that?!?

My arm hurts. XD Anyways took the advice of a friend to do something for Klaus and Kounji. XD I kinda added in Keita. I'm thinking of simple strips with Kounji. He's got room for interesting things happening because of him...
Kounji's bio
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 5”7
Hair: Long layered hair, pale brown
Eye: Golden
Figure: Lean
Skin tone: Light tan peach
Likes: Challenges, scary movies, spicy food, roller coasters, mythology, and science
Dislikes: easy wins
Personality: Ever the experimenter and mad scientist of sorts, Kounji loves to explore new idea. He is thrilled by the thought of adventure.

Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 5”5
Hair: Pale blonde, bangs swept to the left with a long pony tail in back
Eye: Pink
Figure: Thin and petite
Skin tone: Pale
Likes: Laughter and the game “ Peek-a-boo”
Dislikes: Scary movies, salty food
Personality: The results of Kounjii’s hard work and research. Klaus is shy because of his seclusion to real people, he’s got a lot to learn, but he’s pretty book smart.
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