WIP - Ultraman:Remix Picture

The second wave of my "Anime: Remix" project is geared towards science fiction and more down to earth stories rather than the mystical (Sailor Moon) or the fantastical (Dragonball). Also I wanted for the first half of the project, have a trio who whose actions will effect the world and be the equivalent of Batman, Superman and WonderWoman or Captain America, Iron Man and Thor...a big 3. So far I have Goku and Sailor Moon, so I needed another iconic figure to complete the trade. But I went beyond anime, to look up one of Japan's most beloved heroes: ULTRAMAN!! Not too big to fight regular baddies, but not too small to take on the monsters, he is just the variable, diffrent hero than I needed. Well sticking to form, I decided to base my Ultraman on the original series, where a mysterious flash of light strikes pilot Shin Hayate during a routine flight and instead of killing him, grants the ability to turn into a silver and red hero of light, Ultraman. With many abilities including the ability to grow as tall as a building, he helps fight foes both big and tall, from the dangerous to the weird, while keeping his identity hidden from The Science Patrol, Japan's foremost line of defense against super-terrorism. Like most Ultras, Shin uses a device and a pose to turn into Ultraman, and when he is in Ultra-Form, he cannot speak (which makes any attempt at communications very humrous). Also, he has all his major attacks and in respect to all the Ultra mythologies, his energy timer acts as both a visual sign of danger and viatlaity (normal) and a 3 minute timer (giant).

I wanted to a drawing of Ultraman doing an attack, while surrounded by some monsters and a dual image of his human idenity. As you can tell with my drawing, though, I am not well versed in Kaiju Designs. I have seen plenty of Ultraman shows, but as an American raised in the 90's, my only experience with the genre is mostly limited to the shows ported by Saban (Power Rangers, V.R. Troopers, Masked Rider, BeetleBorgs) and even then, I never had that much experience with monsters. So being as I could not get a good image of the character and his foes through my research, I decided to make my own costume and my own monsters. But I'm looking up some foes and I know that classics such as Baltian, Bullton, Geronimon, Gomora, and Z-Ton will be included in this story. In fact, the dinosaur in the picture is supposed to be Bemular, the first monster from the 1st episode.

But the relations between Ultraman, Shin and the Science Patrol, as well as some of the plotlines and elements will also borrow from other Ultra shows such as UltraMan: The Next, UltraSeven, Ultraman 80 Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Gaia and others to show hints of all the mythologies of Ultraman as well as give new twists from the plots. All the vehicles will be there as well, but I need to get more research so I can include them in the picture. Anyway this is my first Ultraman drawing, and I'd like to know what you uys think or what can I do to make it better, as well as which monsters I should put up, so shoutout ok.
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