The Kings of the Moon - part 1 Picture

I am working on a tree for my Moon Line and asking myself why I created so many characters. Well, the tree that contain all this ladies [link] starting from Atalante I and ending with Atalante II.

I don't want to know how many characters it will have on it yet... At least, everyone I planned to put on it is sketched, and just need to be inked and colored.

So, from left to right you have Kios, Elathan I and Kueyen. They are not in chronological order but in the order I drew them.

Edit : As promised, more about them...

They all are from the Silver Millennium era.


Kios was Phoebe's husband and Leto's father.

His name is deviated from Koios (Coeus). He was a titan and the husband of Phoebe. Koios is the father of Leto and thus the grand-father of Artemis and Appolo.

Since inter-planet travel is not that common even for royalty, Kios is one of the few people with ancestry from different planets of that time. He has venusian and saturnian ancestry.
His was originally among the saturnian delegation that came to negotiate an alliance with the Moon. (At that time, only the closest planets to the Moon -Venus, Mars and Earth- had formed an alliance with if. Only Mars and Venus formed Phoebe's guard. Other planet were negotiating the term of the alliance.) He was there to read people and do some spying to help to secure Saturn's interest.
He was a charmer and enjoyed seducing women. His relationship rarely lasted more than a week though.
Phoebe caught his eye and proved to be much more interesting than any other women he had met (Phoebe herself had quite a reputation for having lovers but no interest for settling down). They became lovers. Even though the relationship ended each time Kios had to leave the Moon for something, they always came back together when he returned.
It took a while for each of them to accept that they wanted more of their relationship and Phoebe admitting her fear of ending alone like her mother. (Selene I was very distraught after Chandra's accidental death. Rumors pretend that she killed herself but no one knows for sure.)
Kios promised Phoebe that he would only die after her. He kept promise he held as his death happened several months after his wife's.
Kios was fiercely protective of his wife and daughter. He personally banished Nevius and beat him up for all he did to Leto. Some pretend Nevius only attacked after King Kios' death because the late king terrified him.

(Nevius is probably Leto's lover definitive name.)

Elathan I

Elathan I is Atalante I's husband and the first king of the Silver Millennium. He is also the father of Selene I.

Elathan was a prince in Irish mythology. The imagery surrounding him suggest he might have once been a moon god.

Elathan was part of a group rebelling against the various nobles who were warring at each other for the lunarian throne. They mostly protected civilian and generally let the various factions kill each others. Also, any person who wished to escape conscription of the local ruler was welcomed.
His life changed when the encountered Atalante during a raid. He somehow ended as the mediator between the rebel and the young woman. He had a lot of work since Atalante clashed with the rebels leader on a daily basis.
After the end of the war, he stayed in Atalante's court and supported her.


Kueyen is Pandia's husband and the father of Selene II.

Kueyen is the name of the Moon in Mapuche mythology.

Kueyen's family chose to stay on the Moon but openly rejected Nevius' rule, going as far as publicly calling him an usurper. Naturally, Nevius' revenge came quickly and swiftly and Kueyen's father and older brother were arrested and executed. The rest of the family was striped of his rank and sent to prison.
What Nevius didn't foresee was that the domestics were very loyal to their masters. They managed to intercept Kueyen, his mother, sister and younger brother before they reached the prison by causing their transporter to have an accident.
Then Kueyen's family was forced to go into hiding. They still managed to create a spying network in hopes than one day they may see the rightful ruler coming back to the throne. Kueyen got his scar while spying or sabotaging.
After Pandia's ascension to the throne, he was among her advisor. He gradually fell in love with her but didn't dare to court her before Pandia told him clearly that he could and should. Their later wed and had Selene II.
Since his son in law Acteon was assassinated by people of Earth before Selene II had given birth to his grand-daughter (Serenity I), Kueyen played an important part in her life by being her paternal figure.

Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeushi
Kios, Elathan I and Kueyen © me
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