ThreeHead Demon Jinchuriki Kaguya Picture

do not own either pic just stuck them together in paint

since there are nine tailed demons and there are two sides two every coin a "heads" as well as "tails" i figured why not the demons too

so here is my first candidate for the Head Demons and his Jinchuriki

Three headed Demon: Cerberus

Jinchuriki: Thanatos Kaguya

using a member of the Kaguya clan for their blood limit allowing them to manipulate there bones cause i thought it went well with Cerberus

(yes i know the person is death from darksiders just using him cause he look bad-ass)

(if you have any ideas for the beast to be represented from mythology please feel free to make them i will try to make one for it there are currently seven more slots as i plan to use the chimera for the four headed beast)
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