SatMoL: Miyamoto Musashi Picture

Well guys, what you see here is the first sketch of a new concept I'm developing. See, I continued with my Samurai obsession and devised a hypothetical Sonic Storybook "game" called "Sonic and the Mirror of Light" Which is based in Sengoku-era Japan and Shinto Mythology.

The Sonic characters will be Samurai and other important figures in Japan in that time. This is the first one I made, which is Shadow's Sengoku equivalent: Miyamoto Musashi. In real life he was one of the greatest Samurai ever known and stuff.

But yeah, i'll probably add more later, I have class. I'll color this and then I'll upload this sketch to scraps.

EDIT: Changed the file for one with more opaque lines, changed his "bun" for a ponytail.
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