God Of The Underworld Picture

Hades is one of the Big Three of the Greek Olympian Gods. The youngest brother of Zeus and Poseidon, Hades rules the Underworld. This includes the dead and the riches beneath the Earth. Hades is also known as Pluto in the Roman mythology.

One memorable fact about Hades: He kidnapped his wife, Persephone, and brought her to the Underworld.

I am not so sure if there's a time that Hades sported a lower snake body but gotta be creative. xD I actually spent a lot of time looking for clawed foot stocks but alas, I didn't find any hence the snake tail. >,< Furthermore, I would have added more details to this image like the Helm of Darkness but figured that I don't have the talent yet to make the model wear it without looking like crap. As a matter of fact, if Hades sees this image, he might bury me in Tartarus for the lack of lots of details like skeletons, the River Styx, the fields of Ashphodel and the gold bars.

This is my fourth try at photo manipulation so pardon if the colors, shadowing, and highlighting are a bit off.

The God of the Underworld is made for Katie's (a.k.a Thy-Darkest Hour) Gods and Goddesses Contest which you can view here: fav.me/d6rvjec.


Thanks for all your wonderful stocks!

Model(Viking): fav.me/d3hp3my

Horns: fav.me/d4nvotm

Cemetery Bench Stock: fav.me/d1wovp9

Beard Brush: fav.me/dbnu6l

Skull: fav.me/d64u8qh

Gold Texture: fav.me/du7n67

Snake: fav.me/d2dra11

Dragon Scales: fav.me/d46zxye

Snake Texture: fav.me/d67vfme

Cracked Magma Floor: fav.me/d4u3ma6

Lava Texture: fav.me/d39o7zp

Crater Rock Background: fav.me/d2c2ul5

Gossamer Fractal Texture: www.deviantart.com/art/Gossame…

Thy-Darkest-Hour Stocks:

Wings on Fire (Thy Darkest Hour): fav.me/d5fkty8

Stormy Sky Background (Thy Darkest Hour): fav.me/d4zvo0e

Sword (Thy Darkest Hour): fav.me/d54laur

Background Castle (Thy Darkest Hour): fav.me/d4syay5

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