Kerberos Picture

I'm still new to these character descriptions, since I'm fairly certain the artist comments are skimmed over most of the time, but I figure I can try. Forgive me, I'm actually highly modest when it comes to talking about my concepts.

But, this is a character from a comic I'm in the process of making, which I think I'm settling on calling "Charon's Obol". This is Kerberos (the Greek spelling/pronunciation of "Cerberus"), the three headed canine-god of the gates of Hades. I decided to take a different direction for him, and gave him a pelt (the fluffy coat he's wearing) to hide his giant canine body in a human form. His three heads are only seen in his shadow, and even though there's always debate on the mythology behind each head, for him, they represent the Past, Present, and Future, respectively.

I realize that he turned out a bit different looking than what I originally intended, but that is due to a lack of understanding between my brain and my hands. Overall, though, I'm actually happy with his finished concept. My hands did me a favor this round.

Anyway, more on all of that later. The comic is still in its early stages.
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