Chancil Chronicles


is a character in the epic Mahabharata, known as the son Bimasena or Wrekodara of the Pandavas. His mother named Hidimbi (Harimbi) derived from the nation rakshasa, so he is told to have extraordinary powers. In the great battle of Kurukshetra he had many allies of the Kauravas killed before it finally died at the hands of Karna.

Extraordinary miracle is told, among others, capable of flying in space without using the wings, as well as the famous nickname of "muscle wire iron bones".

in a way in Java to find an ancient manuscript "Archipelago Archipelago" Chancil and his - his friends many of Startle by figures - Indonesian mythology, Among Ghatotkacha, when lost in an area unseen by the name of the Kingdom of Rakshasa, a character who never considered her a real present appears robust, Gagah & Perkasa before him.

What will be done Ghatotkacha against Chancil? whether Ghatotkacha want to thwart his mission or even help? continue to follow the continuing adventures of a high school kid is ..!
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