SoothSayers Picture

I've been working on school stuff really!! i am a senior in high school this year applying at the kansas city art institute for college so im working on art just nonstop

its hard

but i've made characters and a storyline to make myself feel better!! these two dollfaces are form a story i've been working on for a couple months now called SoothSayers. it's kinda fantasy-ish and involves people who are SoothSayers - or popularly "Oracles", people who can speak to and interact with creatures, entities, gods and goddesses!! Y'see, this is a rare thing - they used to be common, but as standard mythologies started dying out it left many cultural creatures without homes, some of them vanishing from history altogether. Having oracles around who can actually harness their abilities helps these entities not vanish completely.

On the left is Xander Jasons, he's the main character. He inherited his oracle abilities from his mother's side of the family and has generally ignored them for the most of his 17 years of living. He just always figured seeing dryads or people with mouths on the backs of their heads was him having an overactive imagination. He is a bit of a whiney scaredy-cat, and kind of a sassmaster, but he's a sweetheart under it.

On the right is Kennedy (he has no last name, but for undercover purposes he presents as Kennedy McAllahen). He is a dullahan, which is a type of grim reaper coming from Ireland that is known for carrying its head and having smoke come from its neck. While he IS a grim reaper as his standard duty, he is also part of a group of humanlike entities that seek out oracles to help them out and discover their abilities. He's been doing this for 319 years but Xander is the first partner he's ever really stuck with. They're boyfriends.

So they go out almost every night to deal with creatures and spirits and stuff!! Yay!!!

these boys arej ust SO VERY FUN TO DRAW ALL THE TIME

characters (c) me
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