MH: Death by Birth 02 Picture

Two cloaked figures now stepped out from the doorway. Instinctively the old godd held the small bundle in his arms tighter.

"Didn't you hear me Alvar, I said you aren't welcomed here."

"Oh I heard you,” the first taller figure began, speaking again, lowering his hood to reveal dark ebony skin and stark white hair framing a set of dark silver eyes, “I just no longer go by that name."

"Then what name would...." he paused as the realization of what that meant came to mind. "Gandalf is dead isn't he?"

The smaller cloaked figure nodded solemnly.

"My condolences then to you both."

"Yes the old king is dead, the old prince becomes the new king and a new prince is born all in the same day. What a web the Norns have woven this time."

"You better have another son you are referring to Alver because you can't take him from me."

The dark silver eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. "You cannot keep me from him Loki, he is my son."

"And the son of my daughter," he had a warning note to his voice. "And this is her realm, her laws, and you will not break them for you have not the power to."

He hissed knowing that was truth. He pulled his hood back up and swiftly turned to leave.

"Come Oberon we have much to tend to. But be warned Loki," he paused and looked back as he made the threat, "He will come to me. One way or another he will. He is my son, my heir, and the day will come," and with that ultimatum the two cloaked figures left.


Wth? Dark elves? But Luk turns white as the ages…how can….wth?

I blame watching Thor: Tales of Asgard for that. But anywhos, think you know who Lukas’ father is now hu? WRONG!
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