A princess?? Picture

"Celestia flexed her new wings, stunned. Luna, awed into silence, her mouth open and eyes wide as saucers, recovered her wits slightly, bounding over to her big sister excitedly. "Wow, Celly! You look just like a princess!" the blue filly breathed, awed and reverent. "That's because she is one," chimed a voice, as the familiar figure of the current ruler of Equestria appeared, in a flash of magic. The sisters both turned to face the parchment coloured pony, the elder's new wings flaring in surprise. "A- princess??" she gaped, stepping towards her mentor uncertainly, lavender eyes begging explanation..."

[Luna gained her wings a few years later, under the combined guidance of the old and new princesses. It was then that the older alicorn retired to explore new paths, leaving the sisters to rule the land together.]

More switching alicorns and mixing mythologies? I think so.
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