Asyut Headshot Picture

Felt like creating one badass character...Asyut was the product of that. He's a canine character, I haven't quite figured out what he is yet, maybe he doesn't have a species xD

He'll have a brother called Rasol asap, and as per all stereotypes go, they'll be the polar opposites of each other. Their names are based on ancient Egypt - the wolf god Khenti Amenti was worshipped locally in a city called Asyut. Rasol is a combination of the God Ra's name and the word 'soul' represented as a Bennu bird in ancient Egyptian mythology.

I should probably say that the right hand side of his face is in fact an electronic mask (Lord knows how it got there), hence his lack of eye. Think Doctor Who Eye Drives C:</strike>

Art & Asyut (c)
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