Akki Concept Picture

"The akki was a ridiculous figure, squat, with a long, sharp nose and a crusty, rocky carapace across his back and shoulders. He was no taller than a nezumi, but his arms were disproportionately large and powerful, his huge hands capped by long, pointed claws." - Toshiro Umezawa

The 'Akki' is a race of mountain goblins living in the barren and mountainous Sokenzan part of Kamigawa, where they worship their kami with ritualistic bonfires and similar. They're small, vicious creatures, with a very crude form of culture. They're not considered particularly intelligent by the other races, but they can be deceptively cunning, and when push comes to shove they make up for their simple minds with sheer numbers.
Living in the mountains, the akki are highly resistant to the cold temperatures there, and their shells provide excellent protection from falling rocks. Evolution has also led their shells to be lava-proof as their pranks would often get seriously out of hand.

This is fanart of the akki from the Kamigawa-cycle of Magic the Gathering.
I'm re-reading the books and I definitely remember why this is my favourite cycle, hehe.
To anyone who's completely lost about all this; the Kamigawa-cycle is a cycle of cards from Magic the Gathering, by Wizards of the Coasts, with storyline books written by Scott McGough.
The Kamigawa-cycle is more or less built on Japanese folklore and mythology, and the Akki are basically kappa living in the mountains.
I'm likely to do more fanart of this cycle in the near future. Perhaps more of the various races, or some of the important characters.

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