The Bafuku Picture

Dang, I wish I were better at drawing tiger bodies. DX I had to trace an outline using a picture of a tiger that I found on the web (with, *AHEM* obvious adjustments.)

Anyhow, this is my Bafuku, I had first read about it in the manga known as "Qwan", and it was pretty badass. So I decided to make my own adaptation of said creature, however when I went online to look up the mythology of the bafuku ('cuz I figured the writer of Qwan had based the creature off of Japanese mythology) there was no friggen trace of it! so now I don't know if I owe the writer any copy write or anything. ugh.

But then I was like "screw it, I want a bafuku", so here it is with a different artstlye than what was in the book. >.>

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