The Guardian Picture

This is an idea i had after getting involved with Spyro for a while. Bleh. I came up with the idea at two in the morning, so bear with me.

So, here's the thing. It's like a mix between Avatar and Spyro- There are five Kingdoms of dragons, and they bring peace and harmony to their world Draconis and blah blah blah... And there's this big bad dragon named Ignotus(I'm sorry, JK Rowling!) who wants to destroy the Kingdoms and rule Draconis under an iron claw and blah blah blah... And there's this whole legend thing, and it involves the birth of a purple dragon, who is able to wield all five elements- fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning- and blah blah blah...

Basically, it's just one big legend world thing full of dragons and other mythological creatures. I'll go more into detail later. It's just one big blob in my head and I need to sort it out before I can do much besides this.

Anyway, my first time drawing a dragon on Paint(
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