Erebus Descends Picture

Mmm, I have indeed been waiting to aptly use this young man for photography.
This photo has a lot of explanation. First and foremost: the model is NOT nude--he actually is wearing black pleather pants. However, due to the light source and the time of day (rather, night) the photo was taken, it somewhat looks like a nude. Secondly, if you find a man's bare chest offensive, you are irrational and probably an extremely prudent person, so...get over it. Lastly, I know this photo is blurry: my hand was shaking when I took it (kicks proverbial dirt on the floor), which was mainly due to all the fire around me (and I didn't feel like having my knee singed) and I was strangely aroused by the candles and the whole situation, as it were.
Title Explanation: If you didn't already know, Erebus is the mythological Greek god of darkness (and night). Most Greek gods are fair of face and structure, so I called my model (also my SO, wee!) "Erebus" because (to me, at least) he is quite fair of face and structure and Erebus' role is fitting of his sense of humor, his nocturnal nature, and his love of night. It sort of looks like he is descending into daylight or just watching over temple candles. Go figure, I like the title...
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