Random drawing Kirin 'Ponysona' Picture

Well, my other Ponysona design really wasn't jiving with me so I decided to do a completely new species swap and such.

I actually was into unicorns and relating mythology pre G4. One of the creatures I was really enamoured with was the Kirin which was such a fantastic blend of creatures and mythlogy that I've always wanted to design my own.

I figured since in the Pony world, other creatures with four legs and hooves are sentient and such, I figured a Kirin would fit in nicely with the mythlogy without sounding too fanwankerish. I mean, as someone with an Asian background I really wanted to draw upon that and such. Plus, since FiM is really just sentient equines in a DnD, and that kirins are part of that make up, I figure it's a safe species to make my ponysona into, without being a half dragon unicorn offspring of the mane 6.

Anyways, I'll probably refine this design a bit more before I turn him into a custom pony. Wish me luck.
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