Project Cryptid Test Card Picture

After a long time tinkering, testing, and brainstorming I have finally come to one idea for the future of PC that seems to be viable, and it's an odd one to say the least- I couldn't even figure out which category would correctly classify it.

I'm what you'd call an "unorthodox" artist in that I tend to mix programs meant for art with programs intended for other types of work. This is the result of toying with Paint and Excel and is the proto-cryptidCard, one of the three major directions that I'd had interest in taking PC in.

This is obviously a rough idea of what I'm trying to accomplish here but it should communicate fairly well. I'm exploring other features and information to add to this basic design and as always any suggestions or criticism on the design are welcome with open arms and cerebral hemispheres.

cryptidCard #0-A: Test Pattern 1
5/19/2009 - Initial opinion indicates that a small format with the most important information is the best design style
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