Gna Picture

Just two more handmaidens to draw now. ^^
Meet Gna, messenger of Frigg who rides the horse Hofvarpnir. Not a lot is said about her in the mythology other than that she travels the nine worlds on her horse that can walk on air.

In my version:
When she was a baby her parents left her in the woods to die, because she was an illegitimate child and her mum couldn't afford to keep her and didn't want her.
Luckily some local servant was collecting firewood and found her. She figures can;t let a baby die and took her back to the hall thinking one of the servants would adopt her. but none wanted to take on another moth to feed so all the servants quietly made sure she was fed taking it in turns thinking when she was old enough she could earn her own keep. When she reached 5 years old she was wandering around the castle and the young lord had just lost something, a gold coin. He decided she must have stolen it and demanded to know who her parent;s were so they could be punished. All claimed to not know her so she was kicked out.

5 years old no idea where to go Gna wandered till she found a new hall then she walked right into the kitchen claimed to be the daughter of a servant and asked to be fed. the cook had no reason to suspect her so fed her (the cooks feed all the servant's families as well as the lord and the fee for the food is deducted fro their pay based on how many are in the family) She then found an old passageway int he walls of the castle to find in and spent the next year living in the castle walls and being given food by unsuspecting cooks, till one day they realised she wasn;t anyone's daughter and she was driven out.
So she travelled on and found a new castle to do the same.
She quickly learned when to move on and travelled around like this untill she was 12. As a 12 year old she was deemed old enough to work so could no longer just get given food. so she used her talent for sneaking around and started to steal food from every town she came to constantly on the move.

One day she wandered up to a castle and saw a stable boy struggling with a young horse.
The Horse was magic and had been spelled to have super speed run on air and be able to travel the nine worlds but they had also made it super intelligent and it had decided it didn;t want to work for a living and refused to be trained.
12 year old Gna decided to free it so in the dead of night stole the Horse and let it free.
The horse, was named Hofvapnir. *hoof thrower* because of it;s tendancy to kick anyone that tried to put a bridle on it. Gna knew it;s name cos she heard the stable boy yelling at it,

Anyway the horse decided it liked her and they travelled together. At first she didn;t ride it because it was still a real young horse and was too small to be ridden yet (the trainers were just introducing it to the bridle and saddle as the first part of it;s training)

Once it grew bigger the horse let gna ride it so long as she didn;t try to put a sadle or bridle on it, so she tends to ride him sitting cross legged and facing backward cos no one taught her the right way to ride.

So Gna and Hofvapnir grew crazy close and travelled all over, Gna stole more and more brazenly knowing she could out run any pursuer on Hofvapnir and all was good. till someone heard about her knew she was coming and trapped Hofvapnir and captured the now 16 year old Gna. They were going to kill her but luckily Frigg was staying at the hall. She offered to take in and rehabilitate the young thief putting her and Hofvapnir to a proper purpose. So Gna and Hofvapnir moved to Asgard.
Gna was supposedly reformed and made a messenger because of her love of travel but secretly frigg often sends her to steal things and other special missions. But no one is allowed to know she;s still and thief so not even the other girls know, she;s frigg's secret weapon.

Her friends at frigg's hall know her past but not that she's still stealing. ^^
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