Niobe Picture

This was also for printmaking.
It was a sketch for what would eventually be an edition of linoleum relief prints, but the prints didn't turn out nearly as well as the initial sketch.
Niobe was a figure in Greek mythology. She had 7 sons and 7 daughters, and was so proud of them that she bragged about them while at a ceremony in honor of Leto (the daughter of the titans Coeus and Phoebe). She mocked Leto, who only had 2 children. Leto, in a typical Ancient Greek fashion, got pissed and sent her 2 children to murder all of Niobe's. Her lover also died (either by suicide or by murder, depending on the source). With her entire family dead, she was obviously distraught and she fled to the top of a mountain and cried (Mt. Siplyon). She turned to stone and her tears formed a stream (the river Achelous) and she is still crying today. She is the symbol of eternal mourning.
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