SMOCT I: Sailor Amethyst Pg 1 Picture

Cover Page for my first round entry to the SMOCT! Features my Sailor Amethyst in her noble form and ~Sword-of-Justice's Nova Sound in, I guess, the closest I could find to a noble/royal form. I wanted to portray a feeling that these two would probably get along well under different circumstances, but wanted to also hint at the upcoming battle ahead.

I have a few pages complete but want to upload them all at once. But I figured I'd give you all a teaser to whet your appetite.

I hope I got Nova Sound and her dress looking right. She's a very compelling character and I want to make sure I do her justice.

The title is sort of a homage to one of my favorite authors and also a pun as I interpreted that Nova Sound is based on the mythological Valkyries.


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