Living the Dream Picture

FINALLY. Okay, so it is my ultimate dream to get one of my stories/poems/whathaveyou published and finally be given the title "author." To commemorate this long off event I decided I would get a tattoo to symbolize where I had come and where I wanted to go.

this is a tat of my own design and is basically a cross between Sashat's symbol and a quill. Sashat is the egyptian goddess of writing and magic (among other things) and is the wife/sister/female version of thoth (they can't decide which, or if she's all of the above). She's also in charge of this kick ass library and the book of life and such awesomeness AND it is believed that the concept of a magic wand comes from her symbol. She is considered one of the most important goddesses of egyptian mythology because she deals with men on a day to day basis. Since I write mostly fantasy stories where there are empowered women, I figured it was quite appropriate.

"'Twas Brillig" is spelled wrong, now that I look at it.. but it's there because I grew up oggling at Graeme Base's illustration of the poem and because Lewis Carroll is simply a genius. If you haven't seen GB's illustrated version, do so immediately. That man is a genius too.

Cleaner version is up and III'm excited!
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