Acteon Picture

This character like all the rest is based on a figure in Greek mythology. Acteon is one of the first recorded Peeping Tom's actually. He was a hunter who accidentally stumbled onto the goddess Artemis taking a bath and rather than running away he just stared at her like an idiot. She was naturally rather cross and turned him into a deer, where upon his own hunting dogs attacked him. Very sad tale indeed.

Character Class: long arm
Personality: Slightly pervy, has no sense of personal space, generally cheerful; although he has moments of slight psychotic/sadistic-ness

I'm actually rather proud of his character design, as its my first real attempt at designing an asymmetrical character, even if he's a lot simpler.

Those two wolves are his 'hunting dogs'; they are less advanced AI's, but they act in a manner reminiscent of real dogs. Unfortunaetly, I have yet to really decide on fur color for them, thats why they're still white.
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