Loki portrait Picture

More Eggs Butter, Sugar and Disaster stuff.

A portrait of Loki.

Damn his waistcoat.

I realised that the chibi of his was the only ref I had o.o So I figured this should be corrected.

So there you go.

Loki has an eyepatch because until about 200 years ago he was tied to a rock with snake venom dripping in his eye. Also, his lips are scarred because they were once sewn up to punish Loki for 'telling lies'. Other than these scars though, he's a handsome devil! (So says mythology)

Hey guys.. remember that really unwise poll I posted that said what if Tyrian wasn't such a good guy? Well I realised he'd pretty much be Loki ^-^; They have quite a bit in common, really... I'm a little weirded out.

Also Loki's moustache makes me giggle. His appearance was based on a carving on a Viking find and a classical painting of him.

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