The Goddess Picture

This is for my online friend who I call "The Goddess". Ironically enough, her username is Rhi-Rhi, which was based off of the real goddess Rhiannon (I didn't know this when I gave her that nickname). I did this for a secret art exchange in which we had to draw the person we got in a western wanted poster style. :3 I didn't really go western... but I did do my best to get some accurate mythology in there. Three of her symbols are the color white, the moon, and dreams. Oh! And the reward is because Rhiannon was known for riding a lunar white horse. ^^ One of the stories about her says that her maids lost Rhiannon's child that they were supposed to be watching. Afraid of getting into huge trouble, they put dog blood on her lips and cheeks and said she ate the child. o.o I figured I'd use that story for this poster, since it seemed kinda fitting. xD

Comments are much loved. <3

p.s. technically she gave away her immortality to marry a human, but I consider The Goddess (Rhi-Rhi) to be immortal so I ignored that part.
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