Rakasian Gods Picture

The three dieties worshipped in Rakasia, from left to right: Zachiyo, Kadun, and Tiwha.
Zachiyo is the guardian of the forests and jungles, symbolic of growth, willpower, and intellect. He watches over the land and maintains the balance between life and death. He is said to be ancient, the oldest of the trinity by several millenia.
Kadun is the guardian of the skies, symbolic of freedom, prosperity, and courage. Kadun controls the weather, sheparding the wind and the rain. He is the youngest and kindest of the trio.
Tiwha is the guardian of the seas, symbolic of strength, endurance, and discipline. He is the ruler of the oceans, lakes, rivers, and seas. He is mighty and unforgiving.

These three gods are worshipped by the Rakasians/Saurians, via stone idols like these. They protect all of Rakasia, and as long as they are respected, they maintain order throughout the land. Thousands of years ago they sealed away the evil Lokar within an orb and banished him to an eternity of imprisonment. Lokar's Orb is locked in the Temple of the Trinity and is closely guarded by allies of the Gods.

The three are actually based off of real world mythological characters- Sachayoj, Quetzalcoatl, and the Taniwha. Sachayoj was an elderly forest guardian with long, spiky hair- so Zachiyo is an old Ankylosaur-like being covered in spikes. Quetzalcoatl was a feathered serpent, so Kadun is a winged reptile. The Taniwha were amphibious tuatara-like creatures, so Tiwha is sort of like a big Mosasaurus or something. Originally, they were named after the figures I based them off of, but, like Loki, I decided to change their names to sever what little connection they had with real world mythology.
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