Tricksters Weekend Scrapdump 2 Picture


I've been teaching Macbeth for over a month now, and its various ties to medieval storytelling have made me think of this story a lot. Tricksters is heavily influenced by medieval mythology - Arhurian legends, Scandinavian sagas, Celtic folklore, etc. So a new scrapdump for this story was pretty much a given. I decided to make one focused on developing the protagonists instead of the usual world building that most of my scrapdumps consist of. Let's dive in, shall we?

First up is Horatio Wickerwood, the team's main muscle. Horatio has no facial features, so his expressions have to come from his body language and from the angle of his helmet. I have some experience with this, as Cecil from Cecil's Journey to the Heart of Darkness was also facially challenged. Both characters are incredibly melodramatic, so the broad emotions that are conveyed in eccentric body language still suit them. Horatio is a little bipolar, swinging from exuberant and happy to incredibly depressed at the drop of a hat. He doesn't cope well with failure, our Horatio.

Each character got a sketch displaying how they fight. Horatio's sketch is based directly on a line from Macbeth wherein the titular scotsman unseams a man from his navel to his chops - or, in other words, cuts him in half vertically. Cutting dudes in half vertically is also a huge recurring visual in the medieval ballad The Song of Rolland, and while I have not proof to back it up, I am almost positively sure that Shakespeare was referencing that very ballad when he came to that line.

Next we have Slisk, who's looking very snakey. The gaboon viper influence really did him wonders. I drew a sketch of him holding an egg. As I've stated before, Slisk's main desire is to find a new tribe and build a family, so it follows that he'd have a soft spot for kids. He wants to be a father figure really desperately. His D&D counterpart, Ragnuk, had the same goal. A really big moment in the campaign where I played Ragnuk was an encounter we had with a Naga. Long story shorter, our paladin killed the snake-lady only for us to discover that she had eggs. Ragnuk took them away before the paladin could smash them and secretly raised them on the sly, giving the babies gerbils to eat and whatnot. It was a really big part of his character arc and also saved our asses a couple times (nagas have mind control you know...).

The point of this rambling interlude? I want to do something similar with Slisk. He's decidedly amoral, but he's also very sensitive and empathetic when it comes to the people he cares about. At some point he's going to come across his own set of eggs, and we'll see how it plays out differently for him.

Also there's a pic of Slisk shooting a giant boar. Enjoy that.

Veronica Venom is just pretty much awesome. I'm really trying to get a gorgon-ish vibe with her locks of hair, with each curling differently than the last. I also drew a POSSIBLE version of her face without the mask on, which showcases the imperfect nature of her glamor devices. While she's able to look MORE human with them on, there are still some serpentine traits she can't hide. Her fangs remain, her neck retains its scutes, and a few scales stick to her cheeks and beneath her eyes.

I also decided to showcase her main weapon - those nifty snake gauntlets! They were made for her a few years before the story starts by a an alchemist (someone specializing in making magic items) and a trap maker (someone specializing in making complex devices), and, as the visuals show, can grow super long so she can grab things. I figured it would help make her distinct from the group's other long range fighter, Slisk, as this way she doesn't need to use a bow.

Madame Baba is adorable! She's also a spider that evolved to imperfectly mimic human beings, so her anatomy is pretty weird underneath her robes. She's ALSO able to fuck your shit up royally with a little bit of botched alchemy.

Then we get to Kat and... guys, I drew the perfect Kat picture. The PERFECT KAT PICTURE. I... I don't know if I can go on from that. It cannot be topped.

Cawcaw is still just a bird.

Tommy Ten-Eyes/Fingers.... he has issues. I drew him attempting and failing to smile, which is the sort of hilariously tragic thing that defines him as a character. He rarely has anything to smile about, what with all his organs insulting and criticizing him at every available moment. I also drew him with his body parts in various states of mutation, because that's another over the top horrible thing that defines his character!

And then we get to Daphne, who continues to be the straight man to this collective rabble. I think the first sketch of her head - the one with the quizzical look - may be the prettiest I've ever been able to draw her, while the second - the one with the frown - is the most Daphne-ish expression of the bunch. As the oracle/puppet master of the group, her role in combat is that of a spectator.

Seriously, why fight when you can rope some goons in to do it for you?
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