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Pharaoh-guy! His facial expression never changes! :c I am going to hardcore practice anatomy with some tutorials and references now so that this bullshit doesn't happen again. It pisses me off how little I have learned from Drawing 2- college level art class and we did pretty much jack shit. My classmates were really cool though.

Actually, Pharaoh is a Hebrew corruption of the Egyptian per ah which means "great house" (ie the palace) because for whatever reason the Hebrews couldn't figure out what the Egyptian word for king was. This word was not used to refer to the Pharaoh himself until about the time those stupid, stupid Ptolemies came around. Way to go, Greece. Way to go and SUCK AT LIFE.
But seriously, I had to study Greek stuff for years and I tell you what, I do NOT like their value system at all. Good, hardworking people get their asses kicked by fate while the crude and philandering gods get away with frigging everything. In Egypt, you get what you pay for, immortal or not.

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