--Giftart: MariP-- Picture

Time Taken:
About 3 hours

Media Used:
Black ball point pen and me prisma markers
Listened to random mix and then watched the Time Machine...whoot

General Description of Giftishness:
Well, what can I say about Mari? So much!!

-she was a buddy back in the Elfwood days
-she was the first to watch me here on DA
-she leaves awesome comments and draws awesome stuffs ranging from mythological figures to horsies!
-she can whoop your butt

Myesh, and those are only a few points about the luverly Mari.

So, to thank Mari for being such a wonderful person I just had to draw something for her, and what first popped into mind were horses, so I browsed through her gallery again and found her drawing of the uni Quicksilver and thought I'd try drawing her. The lineart can be found Here
I likes how this came out generally, it's been awhile since I last attempted to draw all of a horse like thing instead of just the head
So. To you Mari! I hope you like! And thanks so much for being such the awesome person you are!
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