Hermes Picture

I know this is probably inaccurate to some of the myths on him but then again this is DeviantArt...self explanatory of course TwT

So lets start on the upper left hand pic shall we?

- Hermes is known for being the god of, basically, protector of travelers, Zeus' messenger, and a trickster. So him making fun of Aphrodite behind her back while Poseidon laughs uncontrollably and poor Apollo is trying to back up while keeping Poseidon out of Aphrodite's sight. But she's still confused what's happening.

- And that is what happens when Aphrodite catches Hermes making fun of her.

Lower left hand now

- So in Art History I learned that there were two Aphrodite's. Celestial and Common Aphrodite. Celestial is the one who is "Nude", not naked but nude, up there. And I usually see them as a little annoying brother and a sister relationship...unfortunately next time I go to Classical Mythology class I'm going to learn a fun story of a threesome between them and Apollo. But this is my take on them before that so I play the oblivious card!

- And lastly who can forget the famous tale of Hermes being born, crawling out and hiding Apollos cattle, and then crawling back into his crib? I figured it wasn't going to stop there. I make so that Apollo is fun to mess around with TwT

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Designs for them do!
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