Pilgrims in an Unholy Land Picture

This is my art for the latest chapter of Hitchups, Chapter 39,also known as "Cliffhanged" "Damned."

You can access the story here: [link]

"What is this...?" The words fell from Hiccup's mouth in puffs of air. He watched his breath curl out before him with the same sort of wary that channeled through his veins.

It was freezing—freezing—for falling into the depth of a volcano. Hiccup knew without having to question the matter that they were not, in fact, in the volcano. It was impossible, for they were now in an underground world—a world of mist and ice and rock, and miles and miles of cold.

Something crawled along his skin, bubbled within the hollow of his lungs. Something wrong and powerful.

Framherja shook in his hold, and much like he could occasionally understand Toothless on a deep, indescribable level, he felt a word pass through his mind that was not of his doing.


He stared, blank-faced, at the weapon. Questioning. Denying.

Then he looked back out over the valleys of the unnatural, rösts beneath the world as he knew it.

It stifled him—both the disbelief and the simple acceptance.

"Thor almighty, we aren't in Midgard anymore," Hiccup whispered.

Our dynamic duo had somehow that fatal wrong turn at Albuquerque (or maybe it was intended) and are now pursuing their dragon demon in Niflheimar, the Mist World of the Norse mythology somewhere in the nether regions. It's also known as the Devil's Summer Resort. I always figured Framherja had a bit of a glow to her that in a dark setting she could flare into full Energizer flashlight mode.

Also, I tried to capture the look of the gas filter tried around Hiccup´s neck. He was actually wearing it against the noxious fumes from the Demon and the volcano- and they seem also to exist in Niflheim. But since there is a sentence about seeing his breath before him, I figured he pulled it off for a few minutes to get a better look at the lovely scenery. But he'd put it right back on again ASAP.

Since it's tradtionally depicted as a frozen waste of sea and brime, I based it off of a very real place in Iceland, Jökulsárlónið, the Glacial Lagoon of the Southeast. It's a lake created by melting runoff from the enormous Vatnajökull Glaicier.

It's actually beautiful in a stark, surreal way. And it can be very ominous on a dusky day when the fog comes in.

On a nice day, it kind of looks like this: [link]

And maybe you'll catch my little shout out to Australian backpackers... there's no place they won't go.

Hiccup and Toothless belong to Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks

Hitchups belongs to AvannaK

Bristol vellum, pigment pen and Prismacolor blends, Art Stix, Verithins, and Watercolors.
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