RotG OC: Jest Picture

*let's out long, heavy breath* .....Let me reiterate something....I HATE....repeat, HATE....humans. I can't draw them for...fuck. BUT, anyway...

She's not as pretty here as I picture her, but...whatevs. Jest isn't really a Guardian, or even a real icon/mythological figure for that matter. She's just over a century old, including her actual age. She's about 122 now. Basically, she likes to make people laugh, usually by pulling harmless pranks and causing mischief. She's generally very sweet and upbeat, but she does have her emotional baggage. No one believes in her, so she's invisible to people, which makes her feel lonely. She's usually one to see the good side of every person and tries to be friendly even if they really aren't friendly back. For some reason she has a small crush on the Nightmare King himself, of all people/beings. She never visits, tries to visit, or talks to him in fear of bothering him, though she longs for at least a word or two with him, negative or no.

She doesn't have many special powers, aside from being able to move objects with a flick of finger (for pranks really), send people into giggle/laugh fits with a touch from her left pinky, and run nimbly at a very fast pace. She usually carries around a gold scepter with the Fool tarot card on the top of it, but it's not magic or anything.

Her real name is/was Amelia Jester.

Jest and artwork (c)
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